The joy of using a vacuum cleaner

The joy of using a vacuum cleaner

Yes, You are still reading my blog. It’s very strange that I write something like that…I know that you all know how much I hated cleaning up and now I am vacuuming the whole house.

The story started two weeks ago when my mother arrived from a long and tiring day from work and she found out that no housework was done. She got very angry, she even shouted with me and my brothers. She gave us the task to clean the house, because our relatives are going to visit us the next day, and….we did nothing.

After that weekend, our mother made up her mind and she wanted us to learn it the hard way. We had to choose one chore which we have to do every week / day. My brothers chose mowing the lawn, and taking out the trash. I had no choice, I got vacuuming, moving back and forth that noisy machine.That was the far worst part of the housecleaning for me.

We had a vacuum cleaner from the past century, so it did not help at all, when I first had to start cleaning. But once I put the earphones in, with my favourite pop songs on my phone, all become much better. After a couple of minutes I realized that this whole process is funny. I danced all the way while cleaned the first room. Somehow it was enjoyable and I even contributed to the housework. I continued and finished the whole house, or at least I could finish it within 20 minutes, but our old machine broke down before the last room. When I told my mum that how much I enjoyed the process of cleaning the house, she could not be mad at me, instead agreed that we chose the new vacuum cleaner together. We had no luck in our local store to find a good one, so we searched on the internet. We came across a page which helps it’s readers to find the best vacuum cleaners and give quite good tips as well. Now we have a Hoover Sprint Quickvac, which is much lighter and easier to use than our previous one.


Now I’m going to do my part of the weekly cleaning, and I’m currently laughing at my brothers because they still hate what they chose.

Music on, dance moves prepared, vacuum cleaner ready, let’s go!